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Okay, this isn’t news per se. But I really feel the need to put this on the front page, rather than under the blog tab, because it’s important.

Today, WFC came out with an absolutely toothless, insulting harassment policy. On the same day, SXSW canceled various panels on harassment and safety in fandom spaces, over threats of violence. I’m not often a fan of the whole “If you’re not on one side, you’re on the other” dichotomy. But sometimes, it’s accurate.

Convention-runners? If you aren’t overtly anti-harassment? YOU ARE PRO-HARASSMENT. Maybe you don’t mean to be, but that’s the message you’re sending to the people who do the harassing and those who are victims of it, and guess what? Those are the only messages that count.

Step the hell up already.

Obviously, I’m not the one threatened by a lack of such policies, but that’s exactly why I–and other people in my position–need to support this effort. Sadly, the people who are affected aren’t likely to be heard. A while back, author John Scalzi created a pledge, which many authors signed, saying that he (and they) would not attend any conventions that didn’t have a functional anti-harassment policy in place. Consider this public notice that I’m on board.

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Date: 2015-10-27 02:13 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] seawasp
It's wayyy too late for me to reasonably cancel my WFC attendance -- not only did I pay a lot, I've scheduled time off, I've pushed to get onto a panel AND get a reading (which was technically not really allowed), and I've got a dinner I'm supposed to be at with a lot of publishing people.

So I've sent the Con Chair a letter expressing my severe disappointment. And including my willingness to help them find a good anti-harrassment policy and put it in place, for this con if they wanna do a fast change, or for any other they're involved with. (It's not hard, people. there's a lot of examples out there).

The one they've chosen probably SOUNDED hard-line to them: "Any harassment, we call the police! That oughtta keep people on the straight!" Unfortunately it's liable to disaster in potentially BOTH directions and shows no actual engagement with the issue on the part of the con. :(

I'm very annoyed by this.

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