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So assuming all goes well, I'm starting a new campaign two weeks from today, a campaign tentatively titled "In Tooth and Claw" and, at least initially, making heavy use of the fey.

While I've been gaming regularly, this'll be my first time DMing in a few years, and my first time DMing 4E.

Obviously, I've gotten to know the system really well, given that I've been both playing it and writing for it. But if any of you who've been running it have discovered any quirks or difficulties that I might not have come across without specifically having DMed it, I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Durn kids

Sep. 17th, 2008 06:58 pm
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Okay, an announcement for all the younger fantasy gamers who might not be familiar with some of the older source material (inspired by complaints on multiple forums by a certain item's inclusion in the new Adventurer's Vault D&D book)...


The "ornithopter" is not a creation of Magic: the Gathering!! It's existed in fantasy since the days of old pulp sword and sorcery! It appears multiple times in the Elric saga!


Thank you.
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The third preview for the Advanced Player's Guide is up and available. It includes all the material from the prior previews, plus most of the non-powers text of the drui... Ahem, "nature priest" class. ;-)

You can find links to the preview, and to preorder the book, here:
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It's up here!

This includes all the material from preview #1, plus the write-up of one of the book's new races.

And as always, preorders are available here.
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Expeditious Retreat is going to be running previews of this book all through the month of September, and the first one is up as we speak. (Well, as I type, and as you read, but you know what I mean.)

If you go here, you can download a PDF that includes the book's Table of Contents and an Index that lists the name of every single new power in the book. (Let the speculation commence.) ;-)

In addition, by going here, you can preorder the book directly from Expeditious Retreat.

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