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The recent discussion of the Dark Knight and any potential sequel has brought back to mind an argument that I've hated--and I mean despised, loathed with a burning passion--for years. And it's an argument that seems to crop up almost exclusively in the genre fiction community.

Using the Batman movies as an example, the argument goes something like this:

"They shouldn't bother making a sequel, 'cuz there's no way they can top Dark Knight."

To which I say, shut your noise hole.

First off, I don't believe it's ever impossible to top something creatively, no matter how unlikely it might be. But frankly, that's not my major issue.

Who the hell decided that installment Y has to be better than installment X to be worthwhile? I don't give a rat's ass if any hypothetical Batman 3 is better than Dark Knight (though of course it'd be a pleasant surprise). As long as they shoot for the bar DK set, the result will be a good movie worth watching--and how it stacks up in comparison to DK will be absolutely irrelevant to that fact.
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I hold several opinions that would make me unpopular in the Geek World. I shall reveal a number of them here, so people may get together and lynch me en masse, rather than stepping on each other's toes trying to do it separately.

1) Most (not all, but most) of the changes made to the Lord of the Rings movies were improvements upon the source material.

2) The two Matrix sequels improved upon the original, in as much as the first Matrix is much better when viewed through the lens of (and info presented in) the other two.

3) The new Forgotten Realms setting is more interesting overall--again, not in all ways, but more so than not--than it was pre-reboot.

4) A Song of Ice and Fire is not the Second Coming of fantasy fiction.

5) Sean Connery is not the best James Bond ever.

6) The new Battlestar Galactica is not the best sci-fi TV show ever made. Depending on how broadly one defines sci-fi, it's not even in the top five.

7) Tom Baker is not the best Doctor ever.

8) Darth Maul, while great for fight scenes, was a boring character who did not deserve more screen time.

9) Conan was not Robert Howard's greatest creation.

I could come up with more, but those should get me tarred and feathered right nicely. Maybe more later.

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