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(Sorry about the mess.) ;-)

First, my Suvudu column for the week, on using "what if" and "X vs. Y" questions about popular characters to inspire your own stories.

Second, a new review of THE CONQUEROR'S SHADOW; brief but quite positive. :-)

And third, my guest blog at SF Signal about antiheroes, classic tropes, and the use of the latter in writing the former.

Hope you find something to interest you in all that.
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My latest Suvudu column reviews Green Ronin's "Dragon Age" RPG, focusing on how it serves as an intro to gaming:

(Meant to post this much earlier in the day and forgot.)
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So for those of you who might be interested, I've got an interview up on Suvudu (the Random House blog site). I talk a bit about the inspirations behind The Conqueror's Shadow, what I learned from RPG writing, what's next for me, and similar stuff.

I hope you'll check it out. And thanks to Matt Staggs for asking the questions.

(I hope to be doing several more interviews around the net in the near future; more on those as they happen.)
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My latest Suvudu column, in which I recommend a few starting points for newcomers to fantasy gaming tie-in fiction:
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My latest Suvudu column, in which I use illustrating my prior columns' points as an excuse to wax anecdotal.
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My latest Suvudu column, on what authors should NOT transfer from their gaming into their writing:
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My latest Suvudu (Random House) column, on why up-and-coming fantasy authors should play RPGs:
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My latest Suvudu column, on D&D, S&S, and the true secret identity of the mild-mannered tie-in novel.
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I've added yet another semi-regular column to my schedule. I've been invited, as one of the newer Bantam authors, to contribute to Suvudu (the Random House blog). You can find my first column, in which I speculate as to some of the historic links between gaming and the development of fantasy fiction, here:

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