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Got about 75% of yesterday's bike ride done today.

The remaining 25% was spent walking the bike, because my rear flat tire fucking went flat again!

Going back to the shop tomorrow, and I'm going to have words.
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Knew it. Knew it would happen. I stopped exercising for a couple of days, for various health reasons, and didn't pick it back up. Bleah on me.

So, today. Went riding for the first time* on my new bike.

I doubt we got even a mile before I had to turn back. Partly I'm woefully out of shape, and partly it's the fact that the last time I went bike riding--which was, oh, in the early 90s--I was in Houston. In Houston, the biggest hill I might hit is a speed bump. I'm not used to having to pedal up-hill. My God, my legs hate me.

But I'm still going again tomorrow, damn it.

*Technically, it's the second time. I got in about two minutes of riding last Tuesday, before I blew out in inner tube. Seems I didn't pay close enough attention when I bought the bike. The tires it came with actually have a max load printed on them, and if I weighed under that max loud, I wouldn't be in such desperate need of exercise in the first place. :-/
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Tae Bo.

Very, very tired. I've been trying to put more into the workout each time--moving more between sets, faster (if no less awkward) punches and kicks, etc. Either it's working, or I'm strangely getting weaker, because each workout this week has been more tiring than the last, and almost as tiring as they were back after I'd just started doing it.
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No exercise today. Spent the day with a sick George. :-(

Will have to make up for it this weekend.
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Back on the horse, so to speak.

Tae Bo. I appear to have lost some, but thankfully not all, of the tiny bit of endurance I gained during the first month of exercise. I need to really not take a week+ off of exercising again if I'm going to come anywhere near my goal.

Especially since I appear to have gained weight over the last month. :-/
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No exercise today. The feet still aren't up to Tae Bo, and the apocalyptic weather we're having prevents anything in the way of swimming or (even were my feet up to it) walking.

Damn it, that's two days missed this week. I've got a lot of catching up to do this weekend.
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Set one: 10 lengths.
Set two: 8 lengths.
Set three: 8 lengths.

Man, I'm tired. But at least I'm actually seeing signs of improvement.
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Three sets, all of 8 lengths, if only barely. Looks like it's time to push set one up to 10 lengths, assuming I swim again in the future. (As opposed to Tae Bo.)

Given the state of the feet, that's not unlikely, really.
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No exercise for me today. :-(

My feet are still in a lot of pain from the Hike From Hell, and I've still got multiple blisters. Those make Tae Bo impossible, and since some of the sores are still somewhat open, I'm hesitant to jump in the pool.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to it tomorrow. I really don't want to get out of the habit.
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Oh. My. God.

The original plan was to go on a casual hike with some friends today. I wasn't able to make it, because I woke up with an upset stomach. By the time I felt up to going out, it was too late to meet with them.

So George and I decided to go down to Bull Creek and take a short walk--maybe half an hour or so--on the hiking trails that run through the area.

Thing is, we decided to explore, and wound up climbing up a few trails that were definitely not "official." And we got a bit lost.

Found ourselves in one of the housing communities on the hilltops above Bull Creek. That won't mean anything to most of you, but...

Anyway, the bottom line is this. What was supposed to be a 30-minute nature walk turned into a 100-minute hike, almost none of which was on flat terrain. Everything was sloped.

We were not prepared to be out that long in the heat, or to be walking that much. We didn't have the appropriate shoes. We didn't have sunscreen. (Yes, we're idiots. We know this.) By the map, we covered about four miles, give or take. Doesn't sound like a lot, unless you're doing it woefully under-prepared, on sloped terrain, in insufficiently supportive shoes.

I'm exhausted. I'm sunburned. I have multiple open blisters on both feet. And I think I came pretty close to heat exhaustion at one or two points.

I still want to go back, and explore some more of the hiking trails. I'm just going to make sure to wear better shoes, and to stick to the trails that are actually trails.

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George and I went for a "halk." (That's something that's a little more than a casual walk, but not nearly enough to qualify as a hike.) Did some of the trails and semi-trails up at the park on Mt. Bonnell (for those few who know what the hell I'm talking about). Probably not really enough to qualify as a full workout, given our pace and the fact that we were only out there for half an hour, but I'm calling it good enough for the day.
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Tae Bo.

I'm wondering if I should switch up to the "Strength" workout next week. I've been sticking with "Energy" because my primary goal here is losing weight, so I want to do the one that burns the most calories. But I've been told that strength training increases overall metabolism, which certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.

Thoughts from anyone who knows more about this sort of thing than I do? (I.e. everyone?)
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Exercise called on account of druggedness.

We slept late this morning, because George's flight didn't get until 2 AM, due to mechanical issues. We got up, ran some errands, and had lunch--which aggravated my jaw just enough that I took a Soma, and for whatever reason, it hit me hard this time.

I'm a little disappointed in myself, what with this being the first day I've missed. I'll be exercising on Saturday to make up for it.
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Forgot to post it earlier, but I did Tae Bo today. It's definitely getting at least a little easier; I'm not constantly cursing Billy Blanks throughout the workout.
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Tae Bo.

Just haven't much felt like swimming for whatever reason. Starting to think that Tae Bo may be my regular thing until I get sick of it, and then maybe I'll swim more often.

It's only been a week, so maybe it's just my imagination and/or wishful thinking. But the Tae Bo "Energy" workout seems to be getting easier. I'm still sweating like a pig afterward, but it's taking me less time to catch my breath, and I'm actually finding myself moving (as opposed to just taking half-hearted, listless steps) between actual sets.
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Got a late start today (as you may have noticed by the time I'm posting this, compared to the last few days), and I just didn't feel like dealing with a bunch of strangers at the pool. So, even though the weather was perfect for swimming:

Tae Bo again.

I have to say, pathetic a milestone as this may be, I'm proud of myself for completing the first week. (I'm not requiring myself to exercise on weekends, though I still might.) This is the first time since I moved to Austin that I've managed to maintain an exercise program for even this many days straight. It was bloody hard today, too. I'm sore from the last week, my jaw hurts, and I really didn't want to do it, and I talked myself into it anyway.

The worst thing about Tae Bo? You know how sometimes, after you hear a song, one or two lines of it will keep repeating over and over in your head? I keep hearing a crowd of falsely cheerful voices counting rhythmically to eight, over and over again...
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Given my preferred pool temperature, it was definitely too overcast to swim today.

Did Tae Bo instead.

Has anyone ever told Billy Blanks how goofy he is? I always feel a little self-conscious just doing the workout, even with nobody here and the curtains closed.
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Set one: 8 lengths.
Set two: 8 lengths.
Set three: 4 lengths.

Today was just overcast enough that the water was frakkin' cold. Not fun.

I've reached my own personal danger zone. That is, every time in the past several years I've tried to start an exercise program, I get through the first two or three days with (relative) enthusiasm, and then I suddenly hit the Wall of Laziness(TM). I start instinctively looking for excuses to skip "just one day." I'm tired. I'm sore. The water's cold. I really don't feel well. I did two days in a row, I can afford to miss one.

And that, usually, is that.

I really need to ride herd on myself the next few days and get over the hump. (I hope it's a hump, as opposed to something I'm going to have to fight every day for months on end.) I do not want to give up on it this time. I can't afford to.
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Month 1:
Week 1, day 2:


Set one: 8 lenghts.
Set two: 8 lengths.
Set three: 4 lengths.

Improved set two by 2 lengths (1 lap). Considering that I started in pain, due to yesterday's swimming, I think I did pretty well not to swim less today.

The plan, BTW, is to get all three sets up to 8, then pump up set one to 10. Once they're all at 10, pump set one to 12, and so forth. At my best, back when I lost the weight the first time, I was doing three sets of 20.
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I have let myself go for far, far too long.

In the years since I moved to Austin, I have gained back 50 of the 60 pounds I lost back during the 2000-2001 period. I've let myself get woefully out of shape in terms of strengh and endurance--two qualities that, even at my best, I never possessed in abundance.

This isn't just a vanity thing, though I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a part of it. I've got too many health issues, both physical and mental, that can be traced, in whole or in part, to my current condition. This includes very high blood sugar/triglycerides, which is a bad thing to have with a family history of type II diabetes.

So, here's the goal. GenCon is in mid-August. I intend to be down to 190, if not lower, by then. I will be keeping an exercise log here on LJ. While nobody should feel obligated to do so, should a weekday pass without me posting about some form of exercise, any of you are welcome to ping me and nagask me about it.

Let us begin.

Month 1 (April):

Starting weight: 220 lbs.

Week 1, day 1:


Set one: Eight lenghts.
Set two: Six lengths.
Set three: Four lengths.

Pa. Thet. Ic. It's not even a very long pool. Yet I'm exhausted literally to the point of physical pain and nausea. I've got a lot of work ahead of me.

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