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58849 / 95000 words. 62% done!

This marks the end of Chapter 10. (Hence the subject line.) Six more to go. :-)

(And yes, I said I'd be doing most of this sort of blogging via my web site, but we're still getting some bugs ironed out--which is really a disgusting metaphor, when you think about it--so I'm doing this one direct.)


Apr. 19th, 2010 05:11 pm
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46218 / 95000 words. 49% done!

Well, halfway by chapters (finished eight of sixteen). A hair under halfway by word count, but even if I can't make up a 1% shortfall over the next chapters, as long as it doesn't increase by too much, I'll be close enough to my target to be happy.
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39615 / 95000 words. 42% done!

Pretty much where I need to be, in terms of word count ratio. Now if I can just maintain that for nine more chapters... :-}
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33272 / 95000 words. 35% done!

And that marks the end of Chapter Six.

Or at least, tentatively. I'm far too tired to tell if tonight's words are actually any good...
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27660 / 95000 words. 29% done!

This also represents the completion of chapters 1 through 5, just for the record.
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21598 / 95000 words. 23% done!

Some of you will notice that my target has dropped from 100K to 95K. This is based entirely on where I am in the book so far (and honestly, I'll be happy with anything between 90 and 105K for this book). Here's hoping things stay more or less on-track; I really can't afford for this book to come in either grossly under or grossly over...
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16545 / 100000 words. 17% done!

I really have no idea how long I can keep this rate up--but I'm certainly not going to complain about it as long as I can. ;-)
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11261 / 100000 words. 11% done!

This is excellent, in that I'm making quick progress, which means the book is flowing.

But it's less good, in that I expected to be farther along in the outline--that is, in the plot itself--by the time I'd reached this word count.

Ah, well. It's still early yet--way too early to be worried about running over my intended total word count. (Which won't stop me from doing it, of course.)
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6068 / 100000 words. 6% done!
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I just sold another novel. :-D

Pyr Books, the excellent folks who are going to be publishing The Goblin Corps, will also now be publishing Household Gods.

As always, my most heartfelt thanks to both Lou Anders at Pyr, and to my agent Colleen Lindsay, for making this possible‚Äďand to every one of you folks, who make it worthwhile.
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2594 / 100000 words. 3% done!


Mar. 30th, 2010 04:58 pm
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I gave myself today to recover from the con... But if I haven't started writing my next book by end-of-day tomorrow, every one of you has my permission to yell at me.

In fact, I demand it.
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Just did a blog on my agent Colleen Lindsay's site about tie-in fiction's strengths and advantages over other writing. (Yes, there are several.) ;-)

If you're interested, you can check it out here:
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(Sorry about the mess.) ;-)

First, my Suvudu column for the week, on using "what if" and "X vs. Y" questions about popular characters to inspire your own stories.

Second, a new review of THE CONQUEROR'S SHADOW; brief but quite positive. :-)

And third, my guest blog at SF Signal about antiheroes, classic tropes, and the use of the latter in writing the former.

Hope you find something to interest you in all that.
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Editors, I've finally realized, are the antidepressants of publishing. The right one, in the right dosage, makes your life 500% better. The wrong ones in the wrong dosages, however, will make you psychotic.


Mar. 9th, 2010 11:55 pm
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In a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on circumstances, I'll be starting a brand new novel--and one about which I'm far more nervous than any other in memory. I think it's got the potential to be fantastic, but I've gotta get the voice and the research just right. Wish me luck. :-}
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I hated homework. I got into fantasy so I could make up my own stuff. So why am I about to dive into a book (series?) idea that requires hefty amounts of research? :-P
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On average, how many beta-readers do you have look at a novel manuscript before it goes to your editor?
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So for those of you who might be interested, I've got an interview up on Suvudu (the Random House blog site). I talk a bit about the inspirations behind The Conqueror's Shadow, what I learned from RPG writing, what's next for me, and similar stuff.

I hope you'll check it out. And thanks to Matt Staggs for asking the questions.

(I hope to be doing several more interviews around the net in the near future; more on those as they happen.)


Feb. 21st, 2010 06:26 pm
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And that's the rewrite done. Tomorrow I do a find-and-replace pass for a few words/phrases that I know I overuse, and then The Goblin Corps should be on its way editor-ward. :-)

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